This Year

Well, to start off this year was interesting to say the least.  Teachers were fun but there were those times where you just wanted to question yourself.  For academic classes my favorite class had to be Mr. Bogush’s class.  Those projects that we did were so much fun and they made you think in a sense of, how am I going to be able to get my point across in a couple of words.  The one field trip that we went on to Sturbridge village was awesome, I took a lot of pictures and made a pretty good presentation to tell about the past.


This year I made a lot of good friends, like Matt, he was one of the craziest kids I have ever met.  I mean Matt would walk into class in the morning and just make noises just for the point of hearing his voice.  Matt, Matt, and I were always in groups, but ever as we never got anything done at school the projects ended up coming out pretty good.



My favorite memories from this year are probably going to be the ones of all the time that Kevin, Asia, and I spent at 8th period in the art room working on our architecture projects.  We put so much work into those going only once a week, both Kevin and Asia made theirs into the art show and I helped with the graffiti on Kevin’s building and with Asia she had my moral support.  Mine on the other hand never was finished we spent so much time on those two that mine was kind of a lost cause after a while.



At the and of this year I am going to take away the knowledge that I made a difference in my class even if it wasn’t to the whole class at least one person felt it.  This year I made many more friends than I had, had last year and there were those times where people I thought were my friends were just forgotten.





Have you ever remembered a time where you did not ave to worry about anything; a time when your parents did everything for you and you asked to be treated as an equil.  Well, as you get older you realize that you want that all to come back and have all of the worlds problems not bother you.  Reality is all around us and it makes you wonder, why did I forget what it was like to be a child?  Why did I grow up, and why can’t I stay a child?  These are all questions that everyone will ask themselves as they get older, whether it is when they are fifteen or thirty at some point you have to grow up.  The best thing to do is keep part of your being as a child and always refer to it.  If you have a child that is the best way to be reminded of what it was like to have all of that freedom.  What I am trying to say that the hardest thing to do in your entire life is to grow up.  The best thing to do is embrace it and keep that piece of childhood close to you.

True Heroes…

I was asked to answer this question, What is a “Real Hero” and what defines that person by a hero.  To me a real hero is a person who saves a life, but is a common person.  One who is there to help whenever they are needed.  A hero is defined by their actions so anyone who does a good deed should be considered a hero, but we do not accecpt them as heroes just common people who have done good.  So what I am saying is that there are no heroes among us there are just people who choose to do more than to sit there and let things happen.  A hero is one who trys instead of doesn’t that is the kind of person I wish to be.  This is the kind of person everyone should be.


What is the most dangerous question you can ask?

I would have to say that a dangerous question that you could ask someone is “Would you like to know the exact date and time of your death?”  I would ask this because some people would like to know this because they would like to do the things that they had planned to do over their lifetime but never got around to doing it.  Others might say that they would rather not know because knowing would just scare them and they would rather it be unexpected.


If the Electoral College was abolished, and people directly elected the President, what should the qualification be to vote in a Presidential Election?

I would have to say that the qualifications for voting rights is that the person should be smart but there should be some average people allowed.  By doing this it would enable the president to be picked by what they plan to do and not what other people say about that person.  Just like last election, some people picked president Obama based on his race, that shouldn’t be the reason why.  The reason behind picking Obama should have been what he is going to do for the people.

The Trail of Tears

In this post I will be telling the story through the eyes of one of the Cherokee Indians that went through the suffering.

I was a restpected man in my tribe and the government took that away from me and my family.  We were to leave our home and find a new place in the relocation territories of the indian territories that the government set for us.  This happened because the government wished to trade the Indian territory for the land that we posessed, but this was never accecpted by us and the government took that land from us.  I had to take my things and my family and go to new land.  This was a long task and I had to transport my family across dangerous land.  We went through many hardships, such as: exposure, disease, and starvation.  Many of my people died in this process.  We were pressured into leaving because of the fact of the dispute that was on going in Georgia.  Although Jackson said that he was on the side of the people he was actuelly for this act.  On my way to my new home, there were many problems.  We had to deal with many weather difficulties.  There was a blizzard that came upon us and took many lives including the life of my wife.  When we approached our land, we were then safe there, but that was just the beginning there is no telling what could happen to my tribe next.


At my school we do our part to improve the environment.  There are garbage buckets everywhere to help improve our current situation that is the ecosystem.  The buckets that are in various places are meant either for paper or plastic.  Whenever there is paper that is to be trown out we are supposed to put it into the buckets instead of a trash bin.  At my home my family also tries to do their part to help.  We recycle as much as possible and whatever we can can,t will be trown away in the proper places. 


Do you define a person by their actions or their intetions?  This was a question that was asked by a wise person.  They had asked that there is no waffling which means that there is not picking both sides.  I have thought about this and have decided that the only way that you judge someone is by judging them on the intentions.  I would have to say this because a man can rob a CVS and before he gets into the store he is caught by the police.  When he is brought infront of the jurry and I was wondering what they would say.  Well the only way that you can judge whether he goes to jail on not is to find the reason why he did the action.  To find the reason behind the action is to find the intention and by finding out the intention is to judge on the person.  Well you found out that the reason why the man broke into the store was to get medication for his son that was dying and the man had lost his job, with losing his job the man also lost his health insurance therefore he was not able to afford the expenses for his child.  How would you then judge that man?  Would you judge him on the fact that he broke into the CVS or would you judge him on the fact that he was trying to save the life of his son and let him off the hook on the bit of information?  If it were up to me I would judge this man on his intentions and not his actions because he broke in but not for the fact of stealing many products but for one item and that was fir the fact of helping his son.


I open my eyes and roll out of bed.  “Today is the day that I continue the goal of school and keep on going to colledge.” I said to myself as I was getting ready.  When I was on my way down the stairs I was greated by a proud mom at the bottom steps.  “I can’t believe that today is the day that you are going to be graduating from school, it seems like yesterday you were complaining to me to let you stay home from your very first day of school.  Now you are continueing on to go to colledge.”  After breakfast I made my way for school and as I stepped out the front door of my house I was greated by my two bestfriends Matt and Christian.  “Guys this is going to be great, we are finally getting out of that school.”  I said.  “Yea, I can’t believe that this is the day,” the two of them said at the same time.  The day continued as usually friends greeting me in the halls and prepairing for the graduation seremony. 


In life people grow up thinking that they can do anything, which is true if you actuelly try, but some people think that it will be just handed to them.  Well, to me I believe that if you are planning on becoming successful in life you must try and try again.  There is no such thing as a free ride through life where you can slack off and become a powerful and successful person.  But if you don’t plan on becoming successful you must atleast want to be happy and to do that you must pick a career that will make you want to work.  If you are not happy with your job then what is that sence in staying with that profession or job.  For instance if you are stuck in a cubical all day and you hate your job then what are you still doing there.  If it is for the money then that is the wrong choice to waiste your life.  It is better to be happy with what you are doing then to be wealthy and the saddest person on the planet.