The Trail of Tears

In this post I will be telling the story through the eyes of one of the Cherokee Indians that went through the suffering.

I was a restpected man in my tribe and the government took that away from me and my family.  We were to leave our home and find a new place in the relocation territories of the indian territories that the government set for us.  This happened because the government wished to trade the Indian territory for the land that we posessed, but this was never accecpted by us and the government took that land from us.  I had to take my things and my family and go to new land.  This was a long task and I had to transport my family across dangerous land.  We went through many hardships, such as: exposure, disease, and starvation.  Many of my people died in this process.  We were pressured into leaving because of the fact of the dispute that was on going in Georgia.  Although Jackson said that he was on the side of the people he was actuelly for this act.  On my way to my new home, there were many problems.  We had to deal with many weather difficulties.  There was a blizzard that came upon us and took many lives including the life of my wife.  When we approached our land, we were then safe there, but that was just the beginning there is no telling what could happen to my tribe next.

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